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Ancient Giant Buried With His Belongings Unearthed In Iran

Archaeologists excavating in the region of western Iran have discovered a skeleton of an ancient giant fenced in precious relics.

There are many stories of ancient giants living on Earth in the distant past. The Middle East including Iran is especially abundant in such accounts. Therefore, the recently unearthed skeleton in modern-day Iran only adds to the mystery of these stories.

The aforementioned ancient giant presumably existed about 500 AD. Researchers unveiled his remnants digging in the Iranian province of Lorestan.

His body remains were surrounded by many valuable artifacts which date back to the same age when he existed, meaning he was likely buried with his personal possessions.


During his time of living, the average male measured around 5 ft. 3 in. Thus, a man who was over 6 ft. 6 in. tall meant he was a giant among his people.

The giants that came after were probably much higher than this one. However, researchers agree that the genetic characteristic that created gigantism was likely diluted through continuous cultivation with humans of normal size.

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