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Bielek: The man who traveled in time to the year 2137 reveals everything he saw for 2 years in future

This video, a supposed Time Traveler, who spent 2 years in the future in 2137 and returned to the present, recounts everything he saw.

Al Bielek is a man who tells a different story. According to Bielek, he not only traveled to the future, but he managed to return and tell the story of everything he had known.

Al Bielek analyzes everything he remembers from the 6 weeks he spent in the year 2137 and two years that he spent in 1749. The story behind this man is fascinating and many have claimed that the stories Bielek has spoken of are already happening or will occur in the future. From a new world order to a devastating climate change that takes over the Earth, the story told by Bielek deserves to be heard.

Among the many things mentioned by Bielek is the Montauk Project: a supposed series of secret projects of the United States Government where the researchers developed techniques of psychological warfare and exotic research including time travel.


“The origin of the Montauk Project dates back to 1943, when it was investigating the invisibility of the radar on board the USS Eldridge. As the Eldridge was stationed in the Navy Yard of Philadelphia, events related to the ship are commonly referred to as the “Philadelphia Experiment.”

It gave rise to a series of documentaries that have tried very hard to describe the stories that occurred behind the people of the United States during the numerous top secret projects that resulted in the creation of time travel devices.

The duties of Al Bielek were to manage the operations of the Mind Control program. He was in regular contact with Duncan Cameron and Preston Nichols. Stewart Swerdlow was one of the programmers of the Montauk Boys under Al Bielek.

In the 1980s, when time control programs were operational, Al participated in some of the time-travel experiments. Both he and Duncan traveled to Mars several times.

Watch the below video where he explain everything he saw.
This is disclosure, and it should be in history books.

Source : http://aliensdocs.com


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