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During its trip to the moon, Apollo 8 may have seen an alien spaceship

A discussion of issues was inspired by some of the newest photos connected to Apollo 8’s expedition to the Moon. Notable to many, Apollo 8 is respected for being the first vehicle that ever drove the humankind to the moon. Nevertheless, some pictures suggest that the journey group was not totally solo in the galaxy.

The assignment which occurred in December 1968 was documented and filmed. Its documentation appears to show a large, triangular object located on or just above the moon’s surface. It involves a 3D shape that initiates its own shade. It’s presumed this 3D body might actually be a UFO.

This image is the only remaining sequence of the film that followed the expedition and shows the alleged UFO at the same time as well. It was taken with a 70 mm camera in black and white pigment. This image was obtained by Tyler Glockner, the person who runs the Secure Team YouTube Channel, sent by an anonymous source.


The channel we mentioned earlier deals with reports of UFO sightings. Tyler Glockner recognized this image, so we said, as the last one from the film and the only one that shows something enormous over the moon.

When Glockner explored cautiously all the Image Atlas of Apollo, he did not find anything that showed some abnormal signs. Still, the image 2908, revealed the massive 3D object. That was really messing up the people’s minds.

The weird thing is that this image was not included in the film or the Atlas. Glockner thinks that it was an alien spaceship that appeared shortly on the moon and then vanished with no trace.

Many pictures that display evidence of extraterrestrial life have been proposed by the time but they were all declined with the reason they were edited with programmes. However, Glockner says this picture is very real because it was taken with film.

Source : http://hiddenfacts.net


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