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Hybrid Children: Does the Future of Humans and Aliens Depend on These Beings? (Video)

Under the name “The Hybrid Children Community,” this group seeks to recruit foster parents with the offer to “evolve” the human race into a new “subspecies”, when hybrid children (a mixture of aliens and humans) they would be living in large spaceships “return to our planet”.(Hybrid Children)

However crazy this idea may sound, the members of this organization are not ashamed to admit that they have been abducted by beings from other planets and that afterwards they return pregnant.

Through a series of videos available on Youtube, these “mothers” comment on how difficult it is to be away from their supposed children who would live light years away aboard spaceships. According to most of these women, extraterrestrials want to create a new race, physically and mentally superior and to become the next leaders of humans.(Hybrid Children)


One of them, Bridget Nielsen, claims to be half-hybrid and that there are millions of hybrid parents on Earth who have conceived children with extraterrestrials, either through artificial insemination or through sexual intercourse, and many are not aware of it .

Nielsen and other followers of this theory firmly affirm that the gray aliens are a future version of ourselves and that they reproduce with some humans to avoid their extinction. According to this theory, the gray beings would have destroyed their own planet and thanks to transgenic foods they are already becoming unable to reproduce among themselves.(Hybrid Children)

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