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In 2009 NASA bombed the Moon with 2-ton kinetic weapon, did they destroy an Alien Base?

Do you believe that NASA bombed the moon aiming to demolish an Alien base? Because many people around the world do!

A group of images and reports allegedly prove there are alien structures on the Moon’s surface and NASA fired a 2 – ton kinetic weapon to destroy them, even though that’s a forbidden action by international laws.

The existence of UFOs and aliens is one of the biggest puzzles of the human mind. The puzzle gets even more tangled assuming that Space agencies and governments are concealing these facts from us. Recently, the Moon got full attention since it is alleged that on its surface there are alien bases.

A typical camouflage was made by NASA and their mission to simply bomb the surface of the Moon to fulfill their supposed “scientific” purposes.

The last couple of decades reveal various, exceptionally important treaties that had a huge effect over the Military Space Policy:

  1. The Outer Space Treaty (OST): This treaty dates back to 1967 and declares that international law has to be implemented even beyond the atmosphere. The Outer Space Treaty accentuated the previously conducted international laws and added some new: Free Access to space and heavenly bodies for friendly intent, prohibitions on national allocations of space and heavenly bodies, prohibitions of using weapons for mass destruction in space or on heavenly bodies etc.

2: The Antiballistic Missile (ABM) treaty: Dating back to 1972, it was made to restrict the development, testing and utilization of space-based ABMs.

  1. The Convention on Registration: This treaty was made in 1974 in order to demand the bodies to preserve an archive of things launched into space and detail orbital criteria and regular function of those things to the UN.
  2. The Environmental Modification Convention: Last but not least, this treaty was made in 1980 in order to ban the antagonistic use of environmental manipulation.

Separately from these treaties, another convention was made in 1977 and its object was to prohibit military and other mean uses of environmental modification techniques to space and space bodies. Despite these conventions, NASA still didn’t obey and modified the surface of the moon with a 2-ton kinetic weapon which created a 5-mile wide hole.

Officially, NASA’s mission was conducted to analyze the alleged existence of water ice in a shadowed hole near a lunar polar region. The mission was launched together with the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiters on June 18, 2009, as part of the shared Lunar Precursor Robotic Program, the first American mission to the Moon in over ten years.

However, famous UFO believers claim that NASA’s assignment had a deeper connotation than the public was aware of.

What is the reason we haven’t been on the Moon in the past years?

The bombed moon base is the reason why we stay away from it even though the facts we know about the Moon apply that it is a convenient place for the further examination of our solar system.

Even though we have so many mysterious images of aliens on the Moon; we can’t fully prove the truth that lies behind them.

The mysterious question why NASA decided to break the international laws and bomb the Moon still remains unanswered.

Source : http://hiddenfacts.net


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