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They discover secret images of an extraterrestrial being on the dark Internet!!

The anonymous user, who claimed to have found the material in a file that was on a dark Internet server, said the file contained a video with no more references than “EBE 1992, Eiger . ” Although the video seems to be a montage with photographs, the images are so real that many Internet users have described it as “the most disturbing material of a real alien” they have ever seen in their lives.(secret images)


In the video, it seems that the photographs show what looks like a discovery of an alien life form in a cold environment, which could perfectly well be Eiger, Switzerland.

“It seems that someone made this video under pressure and in clandestine circumstances. Could this be a great discovery that was not made public? “ Said the anonymous user who discovered the video.

The information on this video is quite limited. For some it is perhaps one of the greatest discoveries in the history of mankind . Experts believe it is a VHS recording made in Switzerland in 1992. It shows not only an alien entity of some kind, but several people who examine it (including the camera operator). This extraterrestrial appeared as if he had been electrocuted and also seems to be dead.(secret images)

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