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Top 12 Life Hacks Anybody Can Use

Some life hacks are – excuse the pun – a total hack job. These 12 life hacks anybody can use are just the opposite. Here, we present our list of the top 12 life hacks anybody can use. Check out part one below, and stay tuned for part two, coming soon!

Number Twelve: Get Rid of Scratches on Wooden Surfaces With Walnuts. If you obtain some nasty scratches on a wooden surface – like a nice dining table, for instance – just rub your nuts on them! Crude jokes aside, rubbing walnuts on scratches on wooden surfaces will help disguise them and get rid of them.

Number Eleven: Use Airplane Mode to Go Ad-Free. Instead of suffering through those annoying advertisements while you play that super important game on your phone, just turn on Airplane mode! Those ads won’t be able to play anymore.

Number Ten: Use Your Phone and a Glass for Makeshift Speakers. If you’re dying to listen to your tunes in the shower but don’t have any speakers, just drop your phone in an (empty) glass to amplify the sound. Then turn on Pandora (or Spotify, or whatever) and shower away!

Number Nine: Use Foil to Make AAA Batteries More Versatile. If you need AA batteries but only have AAA batteries, just add some foil to the AAA batteries to make them big enough for whatever you’re trying to put them in. The foil acts as a conductor and a size enhancer.

Number Eight: Use a Warm Spoon to Scoop Perfectly. If you’re sick of building up your bicep muscles while scooping freezer-cold ice cream, just run a spoon under hot water! Instead of ruining the ice cream by microwaving it, the hot spoon will scoop your ice cream to your heart’s desire.

Number Seven: Get Rid of CD Scratches With Bananas. If you have a CD or DVD that has too many scratches on it, just rub the inside of a banana peel on the disc to fill them in! Remember to wipe off the excess bits before throwing it in your DVD player, though. Stay tuned for part two of our list of the top 12 life hacks anybody can use, coming soon!

Number Six: Inspect Your Fuel Indicator Before You Fill Up. But not for the reason you might expect! If you’re pulling into the gas station and can’t remember which side of your car the gas tank is on, then look at your fuel indicator. The gas pump in the middle of the indicator will point to the side of the car the tank is on.


Number Five: Use Ketchup to Make Pancakes. Specifically, use an empty ketchup bottle to make perfectly round pancakes! Once you make your pancake batter, fill up an empty ketchup bottle with the batter, and squeeze out perfectly round pancakes onto the griddle.

Number Four: Chew Gum Before You Cut Onions. Rather than let your mascara run while you cut up some onions, pop a piece of gum before you start chopping! The chewing will stop your eyes from tearing up, and you’ll have fresh breath when it’s all said and done!

Number Three: Start a Fire With Doritos. If you’re camping and just can’t find kindling anywhere, start thanking your stoner roommate who brought 12 bags of Doritos and nothing else. You can start a fire with Doritos in the same way you can start one with kindling.

Number Two: Clean Your Keyboard With Post-It Notes. Rather than try and run a wet rag or wet wipe along your disgusting keyboard, just stick a few post-it notes on it! The post-it notes will catch all of those gross crumbs without leaving a wet mess behind.

Number One: Use a Camera to Retrieve Stolen Things. If you keep lending things to your friends only to see it mysteriously disappear a few months later, take a picture of your friend when he or she borrows the thing! That way you’ll have evidence that they borrowed it, and they won’t be able to deny it.
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