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Top 15 Easiest Life Hacks of All Time

Everyone is searching for ways to simplify their lives, and these life hacks do just the trick! Not only are these hacks super helpful for day to day life, but they are also as easy as it gets! Reading these top 15 easiest life hacks will save you so much time in the long run, so what are you waiting for? Also, make sure you come back for our part two article when we reveal the top eight easiest life hacks!

Number Fifteen: Gaining an Audience. If you have something to say that you really want someone to pay attention to, try starting your sentence with the phrase, “I shouldn’t be telling you this, but…”. Your audience will be so intrigued with the promise of juicy gossip, they can’t help but listen to what you have to tell them!

Number Fourteen: Banana Bruises. Have an unsightly bruise that you wish would just disappear? You may need only the aid of a healthy snack to diminish the effects of a bruise. After chowing down on a banana, take the peel and rub it over the bruise for about 10-30 minutes. You will start to see immediate effects from a chemical in the peel called Bromelain; its blood-thinning effects will have quite the impact on the color of your bruise.

Number Thirteen: Giving and Receiving.  Can’t decide on the perfect gift for a special someone? All you have to do is tell them you already bought it. Playfully ask them to guess what the mystery item is, and they will start listing off all of the things they want. They won’t even know that they are really giving you a shopping list!

Number Twelve: Microwave Madness. If you have a lot of leftovers to be heated in the microwave, you may experience the issue of two bowls not getting heated quickly enough. To solve this problem, try elevating one dish with the help of a cup. With one bowl raised higher than the other, you can easily reduce the time it takes to heat up your meals.

Number Eleven: Call Up a Do-Over. We have all experienced that horrifying accident of sending an embarrassing voicemail that we wish we could just pull out of existence. Turns out, there actually is a way to fix this accident. Just hit the “#” button, and re-record your message with what you really want to say.

Number Ten: Night Vision. Having troubles seeing clearly in the dark? Try giving yourself night vision! Close one eye for a few moments while in a bright area, and when you move to a dark area you’ll be able to see better in the dark.

Number Nine: Lie Detector Test. It can be pretty frustrating to decipher if someone is lying, or really telling the truth. This little trick might help you in determining when someone can be trusted. When a person is telling the truth, it is likely that they will use a lot of gestures to speak with their hands. If a person’s hands lay still, it might be a good sign that they are lying.


Number Eight: Keeping It Fresh. If you have the issue of all of you soft drinks going flat before you can finish them, this simple trick will help to keep them fizzy and refreshing. Before you store that 2-liter in the fridge, give it a little shake. Getting it all riled up will help the contents to stay bubbly for weeks longer.

Number Seven: Versatile Diction. Many users of the English language are often plagued with problems in distinguishing the correct times to use the words “affect” and “effect”. To knock this issue out of your vocabulary completely, just substitute either word with “impact”. You’ll never be wrong!

Number Six: Velcro the Floor. If you have a home rug that you simply can’t convince to remain in the same place, this easy life hack will show it who’s boss! Just adhere a bit of Velcro stripping to the floor and rug, and it won’t be running away from you anymore.

Number Five: Essay Hack. Many students struggle with Google to find citable sources for their homework essays. All of this effort, only to be disappointed when their professors alert them that their sources aren’t credible. Try using the vastly underrated search engine designed by Google: Google Scholar. Type in scholar.google.com to your browser, and you can search through only relevant and credible articles and documents! It even saves the citations!

Number Four: Phone Lantern. If you are in need of a light source and have limited resources, it becomes necessary to get creative. All you really need to shed a bit of light on the equation is your phone and a water bottle. Place the bottle over your screen, and it will give much more light than just your screen can.

Number Three: Insomnia Be Gone. For the innocent victims plagued with trouble sleeping due to racing thoughts at night, a simple pad of paper and a pen can ease your stress. Try to write down all of thoughts that are causing unease in your sleeping pattern to free your mind of them. It seems silly almost, but releasing these thoughts can prove to have quite an effect on your subconscious.

Number Two: Battery Breakdown. Not sure how much life is left in your batteries? Just bounce them on a table. Drop them from a height of about six inches, and observe their bounce. If they bounce more than a couple times, its time to toss them out. If they show a light bounce and then fall over, they are still good to go!

Number One: Better Than Aspirin. Possibly the most helpful and simple of the life hacks on this list, this trick has the ability to cure you of your painful headaches! All you need is a nice refreshing beverage: just mix together 3 crushed mint leaves, the juice of half a lemon, and half of a cucumber to a cup of water. Give it some time to settle in, and tell your headache to hit the road.

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