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Unexplained: Pieces Of A UFO Have Been Falling From The Sky

Imagine waking up one morning to find that metal is falling out of the sky.

That is exactly what happened in Preah Vihear Province located in Cambodia. Those living there one day found metal fragments literally falling out of the sky, creating a dangerous and puzzling situation where individuals had to duck for cover and where houses were damaged due to the falling debris. Once the fragments had all fallen to earth it was now time to determine where the large fragments of metal came from. Could these be from a plane that crashed in mid-flight or as some now suspect the remains of something else? As one villager was quoted as saying the remains led to an even bigger puzzle in which to solve.

A villager said:

”I heard a big noise in the morning. I was shocked and thought something bad had happened. When I went to look there was one big piece in a field and other smaller pieces around. We thought an airplane had crashed but there was no big engine.”

Once the fragments were gathered by local authorities it was time to figure out where the metal came from, but the investigation led to more question then answers. It would seem that no one has been able to pinpoint exactly where the metal came from, and it certainly was from nothing on this earth. So, the question now seems to be could this be an actual piece of a UFO and all that is left of an alien spaceship? Some believe now that this could very well be the case, but the local authorities want to know for sure where all this heavy metal came from and the wreckage has now been turned over to specialists for further investigation as Yin Chamnan, police chief of Preah Vihear explained in a statement to the public.


”We have found more than 17 fallen fragments of aluminum and rubber. But, we are continuing the search and are collecting further information from the people at the scene, ” he went on to further try to explain what it could be. ‘Maybe these fragments are parts of a drone that someone flew. The parts were not relatively big, ”

Despite this public statement, there are those in the village who believe that the wreckage is what is left of an alien spaceship and one of them was quoted a saying.

”Now I think that it has come from space and landed in our village. It’s confusing because nobody knows what it is, ”

So, the question now is could this be further proof of visitors from another planet coming to the earth? We may never actually know for sure unfortunately, history has documented situations where people on earth have witnessed either UFO’ in the sky and even witness what they believe was a UFO crashing on earth many of us remember or heard of the incident at Roswell.

Bottom line is although we suspect these incidents have happened the government and authorities seem to always give us a story that they believe is feasible to explain what ha happened. Apparently, the same thing is already happening in Cambodia, but like Roswell, there will be those who will always believe this is further proof that we aren’t alone in the universe.

Source : http://aliensdocs.com


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