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Unreleased Pictures Of Apollo Missions Show Astronauts Encountered Different UFOs

From the very first moment when NASA, through the famous Apollo missions, managed to step foot on the Moon, people have speculated whether the astronauts witnessed something otherworldly.

Many ordinary people and space enthusiasts as well have been nothing but curious whether the astronauts saw something which was logically inexplicable.

This curiosity promptly converted into something we call today a conspiracy theory. People are non-stop arguing whether the Apollo missions were followed by alien spaceships and other lunar structures.

Up until now, the United State is the only country which succeeded in conveying a manned mission to the Moon. The last Apollo mission happened in December 1972.


The last mission was so far in the past. Nearly half a century space agencies are avoiding another trip to the Moon. Why though? Is it to avoid the high cost? Or is it something totally different, something supernatural maybe?

The funds are probably not the problem. Missions as interesting as this one are probably one of the things we can always find money for.

One thing is sure, 46 have passed, the technology got better, and we still didn’t return to the lunar surface.

Until now, there were so many ‘why’ yet there was not a single ‘because’. Now, a retired US Army Command Sergeant Major, Bob Dean, might offer the answer we are looking for.

Collaborating with many other whistleblowers, he has provided multiple lectures giving information regarding the Apollo missions and the moon landings.

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