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What is this “Mysterious creature” that appears in the Forest? (Video)

What we just saw in the video is not really a supernatural being trying to scare an elk on the side of the road. If you watch the video carefully, you will notice three things that move the creature away. In the first place, the abrupt movement of the supposed being is strange by itself. Also, if you look closely, you will notice the reflection of the windshield (in the lower left corner) and a small circular spot on the windshield, just above where the creature supposedly appears.


The three tracks, the creature, the spot and the reflection of the windshield, move at the same speed. As the camera goes up, the points continue. When the camera moves to the left, they continue. The points reflect the movement in the camera.

In other words, the three points move in synchrony. Sense? It is not a real monster, not even considered as a supernatural sighting, after all, there are already too many videos showing false content, and CGI videos that not only seriously damage UFO research but also the cryptozoological and paranormal.

Like many other people who have seen the video, we would also like to believe that the YouTube user actually saw something strange on the side of the road and decided to film it and that this video did not intend to try to create a viral video … do you believe? Leave your comment below!

Source : http://infinityexplorers.com

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